What are the benefits of this portal if you are a disabled end-user, familiar or carer?


Johanna is a blind person since her childhood. She uses a screen reader in her computer to work, chat with friends, look for new training opportunities, etc. In a webpage, a company is promoting a new screen reader which claims to improve the user experience and be cheaper than its competence. Johanna is intrigued, but does not trust internet ads. Therefore, she enters in the ATIS4all collaborative portal and finds experts and other users' opinions on this new product. She also finds out that the developing company is recruiting users to test its products before launching them to the market. Johanna decides to help them by testing the newest version of the screen reader, and in compensation receives a discount to purchase the license of the product.

This is only an example, the portal has many possibilities. See some benefits below.


Would you like to have a voice in the future of the ATs?  “Nothing about us without us”

  • Participate in the market place Blog to interact with AT developers to:
    • Propose new features to be implemented in new versions of the existing ATs
    • Test prototypes before they reach the market
    • Share and receive information on best practices
  • Participate in the market place Blog to interact with policy makers by answering their requests on policy matters
  • Participate in the R&D Blog to interact with R&D organisations to:
    • Validate their research ideas
    • Present your needs and preferences
    • Participate in the testing of R&D prototype
    • Share and receive information on relevant projects and research results 

Do you need information and advice on the most suitable AT for you? or Would you like to vote or provide comments on the ATs you use in your daily life?

  • Use the information system in the assistive technology products section to:
  • View the top ranked products
  • Search for products in the search engine
  • View the rates and comments of other end users in each product
  • Provide your rates and comments on products that you have used 

Do you need assistance on a technical issue with an open-source AT? 

  •  Ask for help of the developers in the R&D Blog 

Would you like to be up-to-date of the latest news from relevant sources?