What are the benefits of this portal if you are an industrial organisation?


Johnson is a product manager of a software industry focussed on ATs. He is planning to export their products to other EU countries but the cost and time necessary to navigate the national specificities is preventing him to do it. In a specialised forum, he has read about the ATIS4all collaborative portal. Johnson enters in the portal and finds information on different legislations and funding schemes in other EU member states. Moreover, he decides to create a new Post to discuss with other stakeholders about the best approach to enter in the market of a specific country. An AT dealer with a long experience in that country approaches to Johnson to offer him to distribute his product there.

This is only an example, the portal has many possibilities. See some benefits below.


Would you like to export your products to other European countries? 

  • Save the cost and time necessary to navigate the national specificities by visiting the legislation section and the funding schemes section
  • Upload links to additional legislation items and funding schemes on your country

Do you need to connect with dealers or wholesalers in other European countries?

Would you like to obtain feedback from end-users on new features to be implemented in new versions of your ATs? or would you like to find eager end-users to test your beta products?

Would you like to discuss on business models and opportunities, legislations and funding schemes, etc. with other European colleagues?

  • Participate in the market place Blog to interact with other colleagues along Europe

Would you like to be aware of the latest open source tools?

Do you need information on the existing standards that must be complied by your products? or would you like to be aware of ongoing standardization processes that may affect your products in the future?

Are you inexperienced? or would you like to augment your knowledge in the field of ICT ATs and inclusive solutions?

  • Consult the training material section to find the most recently uploaded material, the most popular ones or search in the database 

Would you like to be up-to-date on the following events in the field?

Would you like to be up-to-date of the latest news from relevant sources?