What are the benefits of this portal if you are part of a service or training organisation?


Josephine is an occupational therapist in an assistive technology centre. In her daily work, she assesses the users’ capabilities to recommend the most suitable AT to meet their goals. Josephine takes advantage of the ATIS4all collaborative portal to find ATs in its search engine, consult users opinions on these products, review the best practices published by other professionals and participate in the forum discussions on hot topics such as the most suitable assessment methodology to measure users’ capabilities.

This is only an example, the portal has many possibilities. See some benefits below.


Would you like to discuss or seek advice on:

  • Assesment methodologies?
  • Definitions of user needs and preferences?
  • The most suitable AT fo an end-user? 
  • End user feedback/research etc.?

Participate in the Market place Blog to interact with close-to-market organizations and professionals in the AT field


Do you need information and advice on the most suitable AT for an end-user across all levels of needs?

  • Participate in the information system in the assistive technology products section to:
    • View the top ranked products
    • Search for products in the search engine
    • View the rates and comments of other end users in each product
    • Provide your rates and comments on products that you have used
Do you need assistance on a technical issue with an open-source AT? 
  • Ask for help of the developers in the R&D Blog  
Would you like to search for best practices in the provision of ATs by country? 
  • Participate in the best practices sections to find the most recently uploaded best practices, the most popular ones or search in the database
  • Upload links to your own best practices
Would you like to carry out or publish a research related to the provision of ATs?
  • Participate in the  R&D Blog to contact with other researchers in the field
  • Look at specific cases where technology has been tested/piloted, its challenges, lessons learnt etc. in the cases studies section. Upload links to your own case studies
  • Check regularly the publications section
  • Check regularly the project section to be up-to-date of the existing EU projects, results, open calls and news
Are you inexperienced? or would you like to disseminate your training material?
  • Participate in the training material section to find the most recently uploaded material, the most popular ones or search in the data 
  • Upload links to your own materials
Would you like to be up-to-date on the following events in the field?