What are the benefits of this portal if you are part of a governmental organization?


Jennifer is an EC project officer focussed on inclusion policies. She is planning the future policy initiatives focussed in disabled people inclusion. Jennifer understands that their initiatives affect a wide variety of key actors in the ICT AT field. Therefore, she decides to use the ATIS4all collaborative portal to debate some ideas with the different organisations and end-users involved in the portal. After some discussions, she selects a set of the most experienced portal members that constitute a representative sample of key actors involved in the whole value chain of the ICT ATs to create an expert group that will advise her in their policy ideas.

This is only an example, the portal has many possibilities. See some benefits below.

Would you like to disseminate your initiatives, policies, etc? 

  • Participate in the market place Blog to disseminate your initiatives among on close-to-market organizations in the AT field
  • Participate in the R&D Blog to disseminate your initiatives among organisations involved in the R&D in the AT field

Do you need information on the different national legislations and funding schemes for benchmarking purposes?

  • Look through the legislation section and the funding schemes section
  • Upload links to additional legislation items and funding schemes in your area 

Do you need information on the applicable standards for your legislation initiatives?

Would you like to get feedback on sensitive or complex topics before preparing new initiatives in the field?

  • Participate in the market place forum and/or R&D Blog to debate with different type of stakeholders on these topics 

Would you like to be up-to-date on the following events in the field?

Would you like to be up-to-date of the latest news from relevant sources?